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140823 Key - Ice Bucket Challenge

Part 2 ——> here

Part 3 ——> here


[TRANS] 140823 Key’s Instagram Update: Ice Bucket Challenge

Part 1

Sonya sunbaenim and SHINee Key joined Ice Bucket Challenge. Thanks for nominating us and I feel honored to participate such a meaningful movement. The people we are nominating are Yoo Junsang sunbaenim, Yang Yoseup hyung and Hwee Sung sunbaenim

Part 2 

Han Goeun sunbaenim, Kim Youngchul sunbaenim and actor Hyunwoo hyung thanks for nominating me. 

Part 3

Thanks to Zorro team and Lee Jungyeol sunbaenim for helping us.

trans cr:@thaluuu


Anonymous asked:

Please remove misinformation. That photo is NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT from 140822. It's not current. It's OVER A YEAR OLD and that guy some dude who took photos with Onew and Minho one day and pretends he's friends with them by posting the old photos to instagram. The point though is, fans will think it's really a new photo and be all "wooo new photo of Onew looks like he's recovering" etc but it's not new!!!

wohh,.omo…i don’t know that„,maybe my source got the wrong info too…..thank you very much for that..^,^

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